Ebony & Ivory provide exceptional wigs and maintenance for both everyday hair looks and hair loss clients. Our Ebony & Ivory wigs are created only from top quality human hair. Whether your feeling a change from your accustomed hair or requiring a solution to hair loss, our wig products can provide it all.

Let Ebony & Ivory help you restore your hair confidence, joining the many male and female clientele utilising the youthful advantages of our wigs today. Book your consultation today to find the best wig solution suited to you.

Ebony & Ivory offer a wide range of wig solutions, including:

- Custom Made Wigs
- Full Wigs
- Lace Wigs
- Lace Front Wigs
- Partials
- Top Pieces
- Hair Extensions
- Wig & Extension washing, cutting & repair

* Consultation Fee $40
* Please check with your Health Care provider for wig expense covers. Each wig piece is applies as a tax-deductible expense.