Ebony & Ivory is renowned for their hair extension and weaving expertise, employing unparalleled industry techniques, with their own range of Ebony & Ivory Hair Extensions made with 100% human hair.

Ebony & Ivory’s extension philosophy analyses each hair type, flawlessly integrating extensions into your hair as one, consisting of premium Remi Italian and Indian virgin hair. Considering each womans hair colour, weight and length, Ebony & Ivory’s various colour hues, densities and textures, mould to your specific hair desires.

Ebony & Ivory Hair Extensions work with your daily life, being suitable for flat irons, blow drys, colours and curls, creating each and very look, whilst behaving as natural and healthy locks. These quality extensions are free from prior chemicals, colours or tints, wholly virgin hair lasting for 6-12 months. Ranging from a variety of 37 colours, leaving the hair cuticles intact, Ebony & Ivory Hair Extensions are even suited to Australia’s swimming lifestyle.

Director Joan Dellavalle and the Ebony & Ivory stylists have mastered traditional braiding and cornrow techniques, forging a unique bond between the client and the hair. Ebony & Ivory provides a diverse array of extensions, including their weave and clip in range, varying from 18-22 inches.

To ensure extension protection and maintenance, Ebony & Ivory offer specialised aftercare products specifically designed to your extension and weave type. Achieve endless salon quality hair by purchasing these revitalising products in-store or online today.

Ebony & Ivory provides complementary extension and weaving consultations. Book online or call for  your free consolation today.